STEAM Academy

Fayette County Public Schools

STEAM Academy is the Center for Next Generation Leadership Research & Development School in partnership with Fayette County Public Schools. STEAM consists of a 9-12 high school with an embedded 11-12 Early College Model on the campus of Bluegrass Coummunity & Technical College.


School History

A team from the Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS), including their then newly appointed superintendent Tom Shelton, participated in the first cohort of the Next Generation Leadership Academy in 2010. As part of that experience, UK Next Gen personnel arranged visits to see alternative school models that were functioning out of state. The FCPS personnel went on several of these visits, but one school in particular caught their attention in Columbus, Ohio on the campus of Ohio State University called Metro Early College High School. Having witnessed a high school that provided an alternative structural model for learning, a smoother transition to college, and data that showed levels of success not currently present in FCPS, an internal process within FCPS began to consider the viability of a similar school in Lexington. Read more.


Inclusive STEM

STEAM represents Kentucky’s first purpose built inclusive STEM school. The student population of STEAM Academy is a diverse representation of the whole city of Lexington, Kentucky. The student body of STEAM Academy is represented by students from each of the 6 large, geographic feeder high schools in Fayette County. Total enrollment at STEAM varies by year but has been around 100 students per class for a total enrollment typically between 350-400 students.

As the Inclusive STEM R&D school for Kentucky, STEAM serves as the lead partner with Next Gen on the STEAM Network projects.



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Early College

STEAM, in partnership with BCTC, provides an Early College in which most junior and senior high school students participate. These students take primarily college courses supplemented with high school courses and internships. More information.



All students at STEAM are expected to find and participate in multiple internship opportunities during their high school experience. Students gain real world experience, explore fields of interest, and obtain professional skills. More information.


Project Based Learning

STEAM believes that science lives at the foundation of learning and that inquiry learning operationalized through project based learning provides a deeper foundation of both knowledge and skills. More information.

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Professional Staff

STEAM embraces professionalism amongst staff members. All courses at STEAM are custom built by STEAM teachers and teachers are trusted with core learning choices for students. Staff are also provided additional voice and ownership of the school.

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STEAM Habits

Students are expected to master (and are graded upon) 6 critical success habits. More information.



From the beginning STEAM was designed to be digital. Students are provided with Chromebooks, Google Docs serves as the productivity platform, and Canvas serves as the school learning management software. More information.


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