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Growing Next Gen


Here is a description of the accomplishments of the Next Generation Leadership Academy in 2017.

Report prepared by Lu Young. 


Voices of Next Gen Leaders

Kermit Belcher, Mason County Schools, CIO

Patrice Thompson, CAO, Paris Independent

Travis Hamby, Superintendent, Trigg County Schools

Rick Ross, Superintendent, Mason County Schools


2017 Progress Report


Goal 1

Improved student college-/career-readiness outcomes as measured by college/career-readiness rates (tied to ACT scores), graduation rates, college-going rates, and Advanced Placement exam passing rates - Appendix A;

Goal 2

District development of new systems for learning illustrated through case studies in Appendix B and superintendent/designee interviews in Appendix C;

Goal 3

Leader access to tools and supports for implementing redesigned systems of learning as well as their perceptions of the impact of Academy participation on their learning systems revealed in responses to perception surveys found in Appendix D (and can also be traced through case studies in Appendix B).

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